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Tristan Tricks

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Tristan Tricks

As Candy, Valentina Plasa and Michael Klotz, veterans on the Mexico City post-punk circuit, released three much lauded LPs, toured the world and played the largest Latin American festivals over the course of the last decade. After two years of complete radio silence, the ex-leading members of Mexican band Candy, moved to Berlin and created darkpop synthwave duo Tristan Tricks. 'Common Ground' and 'Gravity Loss' are the singles from their upcoming genre-defying debut LP drenched in identity struggles and tragic optimism.

With almost clairvoyant prescience, Tristan Tricks anticipated the current state of disintegration in their debut set of songs. The world was ground to a halt, humanity was forced into a state of introspection. As curfews fall, and closeness became a crime, the path into the future had to be carved out within one’s own walls. This sentiment reverberates in Tristan Tricks’ lyrics. Echoes of Candy’s trademark post-punk melancholy are still present here, but somewhere along the journey from Mexico City to Berlin the music took a turn towards nostalgia-triggering 80s minimalism.

photo credit: Victor Hensel-Coe

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